Hey friends. I wore snow boots to work today. I look like a total goof. There’s no snow outside. But I don’t care if people don’t like my boots, because I am warm and they are not.

I also saw about 12 negative Facebook posts this morning, which was really stupid, yet totally unsurprising. Serious question…What on Earth are you guys complaining about? You want to start your New Year off like that? You want to be mad, sad, bummed out, whatever? Oh ok, buzzkill. I mean, you do you. But you’re kinda sorta ruining it for the rest of us.

Next really random thing. In my humble opinion, no one should go live on social media, like ever. I am pretty adamant about this. Like, I do not care what you are doing right this second, and listening to you talk about how shitty your day was kind of puts a damper on mine, tbh. Not to mention it’s like really, really awkward to watch you watch yourself talk to yourself while watching who is watching you talk…Feel me? No? K.

Regardless, I’m going to go out on a limb here and infer that most normal people do not enjoy the millennial phenomenon that is “going live”. If you disagree with this, you might just be wrong, again.

Look at you! You’re on a wrong roll! DJ Khaled says change your tactics. Congratulations, you just played yourself.

*Drizzy, the above “live” discussion does not apply to you.

Oh, and Facebook, please stop sending me notifications when my friends go live. I am OCD about those stupid little notification bubbles as is! You are being tacky when you do this, and it kind of makes me hate you a little. Do you really want to be another source of my anxiety? Because again, rude.

Final thought. Cheer the hell up, people! Welcome the ample opportunities surrounding you on a daily basis with open arms, and make a conscious effort to be a better person than you were yesterday. Fun Fact: 2016 didn’t suck, but people certainly did. So be better! Do more! Then sit back and watch the world change for the better.

On the real, I’m just being honest. Some of y’all are straight killing my vibe, man. But because I am a merciful (wanna-be) DJ, here’s a sweet Gucci/Drizzy banger to save the day, and your black, hardened souls.


Hear my words, appreciate my sounds. Later, haters.